Barista 1: Basic Barista

This workshop will help you learn more about being barista

3 hour workshop that covers the basic elements of fast & consistent coffee every time. This workshop is very practically oriented - so be prepared to get your hands dirty & learn how to use a commercial coffee machine!

If you're looking for work, this workshop will help. Our training is conducted in a real cafe & focuses on speed & consistency in an informal learning environment.

Ideal for

  • Casual job seekers
  • Home coffee lovers who want the basics
  • High school & Uni students


  • Extraction of espresso coffee
  • Grinding coffee beans
  • Correct dose 
  • How to tamp firm or soft
  • Trouble shooting on the job
  • Steaming milk for espresso coffee: 
stretching, texturing & temperature control
  • Pouring techniques, volume control & presentation

Price $250.00 per person.



ALL WORKSHOPS HELD @ The Eva St Privateer, Coorparoo

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