Barista Training

Want to make a great coffee every time?

thefix Caffeine Consultants offer industry standard Barista Training Workshops.

Our workshops are held in a real commercial cafe. You can view all our upcoming training sessions and book online here.

The workshops provide an easy to follow structure to the methods & techniques that are used in our own cafes - previously awarded BEST BARISTA & BEST CAFE in the Courier Mail Lifestyle Awards 2008 & 2009.

Our Sessions Include

Certification & Qualification

thefix is proudly industry accredited meaning we currently work in the industry. We currently own & operate our own successful cafe's everyday.

We are NOT a Registered Training Organisation, as there is no national (or state) regulation that determines who can or cannot work in a cafe or on a coffee machine. All we (the national industry & customers) require is that staff know how to efficiently operate a coffee machine and produce consistent product. After all, nobody likes or has time for bad coffee.

Ask any good barista how they know how to make great coffee consistently and we can guarantee most will reply "on the job experience". What thefix provides is a training experience in a working, commercial environment - THIS IS THE CLOSEST THING TO "ON THE JOB" TRAINING.

Some people do a "Coffee Course", learn to draw pretty pictures on the top of their coffee & put their certificate up on the wall for their friends to see. Those who want to know more about what they're doing participate in our workshop, have a fantastic time & take home the industry knowledge that will allow them to succeed in a difficult industry.

Our Training Style

Our workshop content is designed to provide as much coverage of making quality espresso coffee as possible in a short time period - making great coffee takes practice! We work with clients who appreciate the subjective nature of espresso coffee and who are willing to learn as much as they can about this addictive industry. We believe there is no right or wrong way to make espresso - our methods focus on what gets a quality result consistently.

Group rates available on enquiry.

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