In the know

At our original cafe in 2006 we achieved considerable things in a short amount of time - initial sales growth of 170% and continued growth of over 130% over 2 years. In an industry with an 85% failure rate, success stories like these are unfortunately, not as common as we would like.

That's why we're eager to share our knowledge with other cafe business owners and startups through the $100 CUP PROGRAM.  Business owners can't afford to ignore the methods and systems that bring guaranteed sales.  Using just one of our gross revenue models we can outline how to add $20,000pa to your annual turnover. No gimmicks or hard sells, just the facts and dollars.

We can afford to be confident when we claim that the methods we use achieve results. And by results we mean sales: getting more customers through your doors more often and convincing them to repeatedly spend their hard earned $$$ with you.

We work with:

  • Cafe owners - looking to improve their business through:
    • Better margins
    • Increased turnover
    • More customers
    • Consistently high service
    • Attracting & keeping great staff
  • People starting out in the cafe industry who need:
  • Advice on low-cost fitouts
  • Attracting new clients to your doors
  • Processes and procedures from day one

Check out our $100 CUP PROGRAM for more information. 

You can contact us here.

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